Session 1 : on the protection of heritage designations in France and Japan

Session 1 : on the protection of heritage designations in France and Japan
Recognition of the intelligence of heritage and terroirs :
Chair: Dr. Maki NISHIUMI, Professor of Law, Chuo University, Tokyo,
Director of the Maison du Japon (House of Japan), Cité Internationale, Paris,
Dr. Jean-Marie PONTIER, Professor Emeritus, University of Aix-Marseille, Gastronomy and the law,
Dr. Yoichiro SATO, Professor, Director of the Society for the Study of Japanese Food Cultures,
Diversity of Japanese Food-Culture, from the viewpoints of geography, genetic and culture
Dr. Francis CHEVRIER, Creator and Director of the IEHCA, Context and approach of the IEHCA in the inclusion of the Gastronomic Meal of the French into the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity,
Dr. Ikuhiro FUKUDA, Professor at the University of Waseda,French and Japanese food sensitivities: Terroir vs. seasonality

Protection of terroirs and wine/vineyard heritage :
Chair: Dr. Isabelle HANNEQUART, Senior Lecturer in Public Law at University of Tours, Master Culture & Food Heritage, IEHCA) and Dr. Fabienne LABELLE, Senior Lecturer in Private Law at University of Tours,
Dr. Mathilde COLLIN, Senior Lecturer at the University of Tours,
The protection of wine heritage in French public law
Dr. Théodore GEORGOPOULOS (Senior Lecturer at the University of Reims, Chairman of Georges CHAPPAZ Institute, Chairman of the International Wine Law Association), PDOs and PGIs in France and the European Union,
Dr. Pierre ECKLY, Professor and President of the European University (LUE), member of the Board of the European Centre for Japanese Studies (C.E.E.J.A.), The law of wine, viticulture and winegrowers in France and in Japan

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