AlHaMBRA Project Workshop #6 – Working Together to Prevent Harm due to Alcohol in the Workplace

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AlHaMBRA Project Workshop #6 – Working Together to Prevent Harm due to Alcohol in the Workplace

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AlHaMBRA Project (EU Service Contract 20197105), The Spanish Ministry of Health, Catalan Agency of Public Health



The AlHaMBRA Project Thematic Workshop on “Working Together to Prevent Harm due to Alcohol in the Workplace” is the 6th in the series of Capacity Building events on alcohol policy topics, started with the contracts DEEP SEAS and FAR SEAS (

The workshop takes place within the frame of the prevention strand of the EU beating cancer plan; and will focus on national policy measures to support effective workplace strategies to tackle alcohol consumption and harm, through three online interlinked sessions  (14h – 16:40h CET – please see the provisional agenda): 

Session 1 (Thursday 12th May): Context and evidence for alcohol prevention in workplace settings

Session 2 (Tuesday 17th May): Coordination for alcohol prevention at the workplace – overcoming barriers

Session 3 (Friday 20th May): Implementation challenges of alcohol prevention at work – recommendations

The interactive sessions will explore different actors’ perspectives, priorities, barriers and solutions in designing and implementing effective action to tackle alcohol use and promote safe and healthy working contexts at different policy levels (European, national and local) and a variety of work settings and industries.

Outputs will include a peer-reviewed scientific summary; a set of presentations or short videos introducing the evidence and on-going European initiatives and experiences; and a workshop report, including recommendations for research and policy at the national and European levels.

If you are interested in attending any of the sessions, please complete the pre-registration form through the following link:

Participation is not guaranteed. It is recommended to participate in all three sessions to get the most of the workshop. The deadline for pre-registration is May 6th 2022.


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