In vitro skin irritation tests using reconctructed epidermis tissue model, EpiDerm, for evalution of safety and efficacy testing of cosmetics.

The EpiDerm 3D human tissue model is used across a diverse range of applications including safety and risk assessment, and biological efficacy. Simple protocols and the evaluation of early cellular endpoints allow research to acquire data in few days. EpiDerm, a Reconstructed Human Epidermis, is a ready-to-use, highly differentiated 3D tissue model consisting of normal, human-derived epidermal keratinocytes cultured on specially prepared tissue culture inserts Cultured at the air-liquid interface, EpiDerm allows for the evaluation of topically applied compounds, chemicals, cosmetic/personal care product ingredients and final formulations.  With multiple ECVAM validations and OECD accepted test guidelines, EpiDerm is a proven in vitro model system for chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and skin care product testing. EpiDerm skin irritation test (SIT) is validated and accepted as OECD TG 439. EpiDerm Time-to-Toxicity assay (ET-50 assay) is used for screening, ranking and benchmarking of ingredients, for skin tolerance testing of final products (mildness testing) and for evaluation of minor changes in the formulations. This model can be used for different testing purposes, such as EpiDerm skin corrosion test (SCT), EpiDerm phototoxicity test, etc. 
The presentation will provide an overview of the in vitro skin irritation tests using reconstructed epidermis tissue model, EpiDerm, for evaluation of safety and efficacy of cosmetics.


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