Metastability, mean-field particle systems and non linear processes

Jean Monnet University
Faculty Sciences and Technology
Room : A24

Workshop organised by the ANR projects METANOLIN and QuAMProcs

Aim of the workshop

This workshop corresponds to a meeting between two funding ANR projects: METANOLIN and QuAMProcs. The main common objective of the two teams is to tackle metastability problems. Roughly speaking, the metastability problems arise when one is interested in intricate optimization problem involving method related to stochastic gradient approach. Although metastability is well understood from decades for linear and reversible diffusions, the two projects are dealing with setting where the classical techniques are not efficient. In this workshop, we gather experts for the questions of metastability in high dimensional setting (mean field particle systems) and in non linear one. The particularity of the nonlinear processes is that they satisfy some stochastic differential equations where there is no linearity (with respect to the associated partial differential equation). The linear stochastic processes had been well known for decades. But, the nonlinear ones are the subject of intense research in the domain of the probability, in the partial differential equations but also in the applications of the mathematics. However, real phenomena are more often nonlinear processes than linear one. Let us give some examples of nonlinear processes that we are interested in: the self-stabilizing diffusion, McKean-Vlasov diffusion for modelling lithium batteries, neural networks and the self-interacting diffusion.

Organising committee

Aline KURTZMANN, Université de Lorraine,  aline.kurtzmann @ (aline.kurtzmann @
Laurent MICHEL, Université de Bordeaux, laurent.michel @ (laurent.michel @
Julien REYGNER, École des Ponts ParisTech, julien.reygner @ (julien.reygner @
Julian TUGAUT, Université Jean Monnet, julian.tugaut @ (julian.tugaut @


List of confirmed speakers

Ashot ALEKSIAN, Université Jean Monnet
Armand BERNOU, Sorbonne Université
Paul-Éric CHAUDRU DE RAYNAL, Université de Nantes
Laetitia COLOMBANI, Université Paul Sabatier
Giacomo DI GESU, Università di Roma La Sapienza
Arnaud GUILLIN, Université Clermont-Auvergne
Samuel HERRMANN, Université de Bourgogne
Jean-François JABIR, Higher School of Economics (to be confirmed)
Aline KURTZMANN, Université de Lorraine
Mauro MARIANI, Higher School of Economics (to be confirmed)
Mario MAURELLI, Università degli studi di Milano
Pierre MONMARCHÉ, Sorbonne Université
Greg PAVLIOTIS, Imperial College London
Andre SCHLICHTING, University of Münster
Denis TALAY, INRIA Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Milica TOMASEVIC, CNRS – Polytechnique
Julian TUGAUT, Université Jean Monnet
Jeremy WU, University of Oxford





Practical information

Poster of the workshop



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